Since 2000, Old Spokes Home has been selling new and used bikes for everyday transportation and adventure, offering full repair services, custom builds, wheel building, and more. We've never pushed technology for technology's sake; we've offered high-quality, durable products in an effort to set you up with exactly what you need for your next ride or adventure.

In 2015 we merged with Bike Recycle Vermont and became a 501(c)(3) organization. This means that you get the same quality bikes, service, and assitance at Old Spokes Home, with the added value of directly supporting social and educational programs creating access to bikes and the opportunities they provide for our whole community. Learn more about what we do at Bike Recycle Vermont here.


We believe bikes are a simple solution to complex environmental, social, and economic issues. We believe there is a bike for every person and every purpose. We believe bikes aid in positive personal and cultural transformation. We believe bikes provide opportunities -- everyday adventure, affordable transportation, mechanical job-training, youth engagement, increased health and well-being... we could go on. We are here to make sure everyone in our community has access to these invaluable tools.




ImageEveryday Riding

Whether you're doing a grocery run, riding to campus, commuting through the winter, or taking two toddlers to school, we can help you get set up with a utilitarian ride that fits your unique lifestyle. We carry new and used bikes as well as studded tires, racks, fenders, lights, and all of the necessities.

ImageUsed & Vintage

We have the largest selection of professionally refurbished bikes in Burlington. From mixtes, to road bikes, to single speeds, to classic 80's mountain bikes, to English 3-speeds... the list goes on. Exploring our attic filled with used bikes can feel like exploring a used book store -- you never know what beautiful, nostalgic treasure you're going to stumble upon and fall in love with.

ImageBike packing & Touring

There's nothing like hitting the open road or trail with a loaded bicycle, and we can help you get equipped for your adventure. We carry new and used touring bikes and an assortment of panniers and frame bags. We carry amazing omniterra bikes from Surly and Salsa that will get you deep into the woods for a great escape. We are bike tourers and bike packers, and we're eager to share our tips and tricks with you.

ImageFat Biking

We got the Pugsley frameset as soon as it was available back in 2005 and have been singing fat bikes' praises ever since. Surly and Salsa are the trailblazers of the fat bike category and we're proud to carry their bikes, as well as gear from 45NRTH -- all of which makes fat biking the best thing to happen to winter since maple on snow.


Gravel, CX, & Singlespeed

Vermont is a gravel-grinder's paradise and we've got the right bikes to get you where you want to go. We understand that single speed bikes provide a different and awesome experience. Our staff is includes avid CX racers who might even teach you how to dismount.

ImageService & Custom Builds

We love keeping bikes on the road and maintaining them for an optimal riding experience. Our mechanics' service backgrounds are incredibly diverse and our shop is equipped to work on just about any kind of bike. While some shops will turn away from something unfamiliar or severely damaged, we'll get creative and go the extra mile to give a bike a new lease on life.

Ready for your dream bike? Custom builds are our favorite. 


  • Brendan Meryman

    Many of Brendan's mentors growing up were bike mechanics, and when he wasn't out riding with them he was hanging out at his local bike shop (Rhino Bike Works in Plymouth, NH) picking up skills and knowledge about the trade. Whether it's road, mountain, or anything in between, Brendan loves bicycles and is thrilled to teach people how to ride and fix them confidently. He is an avid fat biker, CX racer, mountain biker, everyday commuter, and chocolate milk aficionado.

  • Tom Anderson-Monterosso

    After an all-terrain adolescence, Tom drank the Simple Green at Oberlin Bike Co-op in Ohio before turning wrenches for love and money in Connecticut, Tucson, the Berkshires, Pittsburgh, and the San Francisco Bay Area. He has toured the continent, managed a distributor warehouse, supported a charity ride from Seattle to DC, and co-founded a community bike shop in New London, CT. He spends his evenings with his rocking chair, wood stove, bookcase, and boombox.

  • Dan Hock

    Dan worked at Old Spokes Home on-and-off for 5 years before becoming manager at Bike Recycle Vermont in 2013. Now he splits his time between both shops, managing the flow of bike donations and making sure that customers at both shops have access to high quality refrubished used bikes. Dan commutes from Winooski daily, spent 6 months touring in South America, races CX and mountain bikes, organizes an annual klunk ride, and can often be seen flying out of Burlington on his Kawasaki KLR 250 with his mountain bike strapped to the back.

  • Christine Hill

    Everyday rider, novice fat/MTBer, living for spontaneous bike camping overnights. If she's not in the shop shop she's likely on top of a mountain, intentionally getting lost on her motorcycle, being a terrible cross county skiier, or at a potluck.

  • Jeremy Kehoe

    Navy veteran. Voted Best Bartender in Missoula, Montana... twice. Lover of dirt roads and fat tires. Total clown.

  • Laura Jacoby, Executive Director

    Laura joined Old Spokes Home & Bike Recycle Vermont as Executive Director in November 2016. Laura grew up in Underhill, Vermont and currently lives in South Hero with three generations of family.  She has most recently led and supported non-governmental organizations (NGOs) founded by Syrians and Iraqis to respond to the crises in their countries, in part by stimulating private sector growth and creating employment opportunities. Having seen the impact of humanitarian crises fueled by conflicts over finite resources, she is grateful for the opportunity to be part of a local effort to distribute  a valuable resource -- bikes -- in an equitable way as a means of increasing the health of our community, economy, and environment. She's also excited to revist Vermont's amazing mountain bike trails.

  • Sam Wooster

    Recent UVM grad, semester-at-sea-er, and cross-country bike tourer. Often refered to as "the tall one with the amazing hair."

  • Wil Blanchard

    Lover of fat bikes, and more specifically his 2017 Salsa Beargrease. Cofounder of Vermont Mountain Bike Assosiciation's Bikepacking Chapter. User of the word "dooryard" to describe driveways. The nicest guy you'll ever meet.

  • Jim Brenigan

    Bio coming soon...

  • Rich Pearce, board member

    In high school, Rich rode his bike to and from work at a bike shop on the Ohio State campus. His commute was 10 miles each way... and this was before they even called it "bike commuting." Rich raced bikes through college and developed a lifelong interest in all things bikes. He started volunteering as a mechanic at Bike Recycle Vermont in order to help other people who relied on their bikes to have safe and functional transportation. Professionally, Rich has been working in the investment banking word since 1981. He's an enthusiastic Nordic, alpine, and AT skier.

  • Alana Shaw, board treasurer

    With thirty years of accounting experience and an interest in putting her mechanical abilities to use, Alana took a basic bike mechanics class at Bike Recycle Vermont. She became a weekly volunteer as a bike mechanic and was quickly impressed with all the good Bike Recycle Vermont is doing for the local community.  After an elbow injury slowed her down from volunteering as a bike mechanic, she continued to give back to this nonprofit by joining the Board.

  • Yiota Ahladas, board member

    Yiota is a life long bike commuter who spent 20 years leading Burlington’s nationally recognized community development efforts.  She brings a practitioners perspective to community building with a focus on building the capacity of individuals and organizations to actualize their visions. Yiota's first job was delivering the morning paper by bike and it was her gateway experience to the power of the bike.  Yiota is an International Eisenhower Fellow and has served locally and abroad as trainer/consultant for the Interaction Institute for Social Change; the Global Communities Initiative, Associates in Rural Development, CHP International, and the National Service Leadership Institute.

  • Don Miller, board president

    From Ben & Jerry's to Rhino Foods to Local Motion, Don Miller has a long history of working in Vermont's non-profit and for-profit worlds. Don worked as Local Motion's finance director before joining Burlington Bike Project. Don focuses on the legal and financial work at Burlington Bike Project while building up his own carpentry business.

  • Ron Manganiello, board member & Bike Recycle Vermont founder

    Ron Manganiello founded Bike Recycle Vermont in his backyard in 2005. He is Bike Recycle Vermont's number one fan and supporter. Ron can often be spotted around town in his day-glo Bike Recycle Vermont jersey, which is as bright as Ron is enthusiastic about bikes and the way they expand individual's opportunities. Ron is a budding mountain biker, enjoying his new Surly ECR from Old Spokes Home and spending his winters exploring the mountains outside of Oaxaca, Mexico.

  • Michael McDonald, board secretary

    Michael McDonald managed Old Spokes Home from 2005 to 2009 and is currently a lecturer at the University of Vermont. He is a bicycle enthusiast interested in environmental conservation, natural resource management, and race, privilege, and power as it applies to natural resources and transportation.

  • Glenn Eames, advisor & Old Spokes Home founder

    Glenn founded Old Spokes Home in 2000 and ran the shop for 15 years before selling it to Bike Recycle Vermont. Now Glenn advises the organization on how to leverage Old Spokes Home's resources in order to expand Bike Recycle Vermont's impact. He also swings a wrench as helps out customers at Old Spokes Home. When he's not at one of the shops, Glenn can be found enjoying his semi-retirement by diving into antique bike projects, backcountry skiing, or traveling to Cape Cod.





"Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.”

- H.G. Wells




Glenn Eames (above on the left) founded Old Spokes Home at the turn of the century -- the year 2000. Glenn is an avid bicycle tourist (he toured around the world), antique bicycle collector (he has a museum), and has over 30 years of experience in the bike industry. Glenn opened Old Spokes Home to offer a unique, alternative bike shop experience. He wanted to encourage people to see the bicycle as a utilitarian tool for everyday transportation, a gateway to wonderours adventures in the outdoors, and a cultural object with a colorful history deserving of study and celebration. His world-class bicycle shop and museum has attracted bicycle enthusiasts from all over the world and earned a local reputation for being the absolute best resource for bicycle knowledge, sales, repairs, and products.

In January 2015, Glenn sold his shop to Bike Recycle Vermont. Glenn was ready to relieve himself of the daily responsibilities of shop operations, but he wasn't ready to retire, making Bike Recycle Vermont the perfect successor. Now, Glenn is involved as a strategic advisor for the organization and focuses on antique bicycle projects in his free time. Glenn is thrilled that Old Spokes Home is continuing to provide a unique, world-class bike shop experience while expanding the ways in which it serves its community and promotes bike culture.

Coming soon...