Be ready for that first warm day.

You know that day.

That first warm day of spring.

When you leave your house and squint in the sunshine, turning your head towards the warmth like a flower bends towards the sun. When you walk down the street and see that guy in cargo shorts and Birkenstocks with a frisbee under his arm en route to the park. When a kid walks by eating and ice cream cone and you realize you're not wearing a hat and you're okay. When people seem to smile more and everyone is making eye contact and giving a knowing nod that says, "We made it."

Fat Wednesdays // weekly rides at Catamount


Join us for weekly fat bike rides at Catamount Outdoor Family Center in Williston.

Grab your fat bike or rent one on site and we'll ride on Catamount's beautiful trails in the moonlight.

The ride departs at 6:30pm. Make sure you bring lights and a helmet and dress warmly. Hot and/or cold beverages encouraged.

The ride moves as a decent pace, so beginners are encouraged to bring a friend.


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