Front Deraileurs

Front deraileurs are evil contrivances. As a cyclist you have likely discovered this for yourself. As a mechanic, the frustration increases exponentially because you encounter many more of them on a daily basis and, when they don't work, it's your fault. This may sound like a cop out from an unskilled mechanic, but let me make my case. Read More

Precipice Magic Users

Well, I brought the kids to see their first all ages hardcore show. We went to see Chet's band The Mountain Wizards at Club 242. Kai's mom asked him what he thought of the show and he said it was loud. A hearty thumbs up from the eight year olds! They seemed to enjoy the moshing, though I'm not sure if they were moshing or just beating the stuffing out of each other. They tend to do that on a regular basis.

Chips and Salsa

There are more gosh darn potlucks in this town than individual dreadlocks. The one I crashed last night had only chips. Luckily Nancypants and his girlfriend had the forethought to bring salsa. How the heck is a scrounger worth his salt supposed to get by around here?

The Day of Lucifer

The heavy metal gods have once again smiled upon the peeps of old spokes home. 666 celebration consisted of 30 keystone lights and some botched tailwhips off of the old spokes curb, under the supreme supervision of Scorch Master Flex and the Quid Beans.

Although Grahm-Tron failed in his attemps at a 360 tire tap barspin, he did land a bunnyhop 360 off of the wedge into traffic, which stopped and admired his extreme skillz with angry shouts and blaring horns. He then manualed their faces off.

Advice Column

Local Motion I would advise against playing duck-duck-goose at two in the morning, in a ghetto back yard, with lots of sharp debris and wet grass, post road soda, if you don't want to have stiches in your knee. If you like that sort of thing and you find yourself looking for a mellow ride to do, then check it out.... Ride to the end of the causeway in Colchester with lots of snacks and beverages to watch the sunset.


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