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I had the great fortune to attend Quality Bicycle Products' Saddledrive out in Snowbasin, Utah this week. It was three days of learning about and riding new bikes from Salsa, Surly, and All-City.

Let me start by saying that we work with some of the best bicycle makers in the game and they keep surprising me with their innovations. Furthermore, Snowbasin, Utah was an incredible sight for this east-coaster and the riding was great.


Last 9:Zero:7 Builds for the Year

We have loved our experience this winter with 9:Zero:7 Bikes. Hailing from Alaska they are one of the few (but ever-growing) brands that know what winter is all about. We have two 190 aluminum bikes built up and ready to go in stock. We will not be able to get anymore this year so if you have had your eye on one of these awesome fat bikes now is likely your last chance at 'em for the year.


Eric's Seattle to Burlington Bike Tour

Here at the Old Spokes Home we love the ability of bicycles to take us on an adventure.  From late night jaunts around town, to round the world tours, bicycles are our vehicle of choice.  In 2013 we were priveleged to help quite a few folks gear up for their own adventures.  Eric was one of those folks.  We helped rehab Eric's classic road bike last spring so he could start bike commuting, a couple months later he was back talking about touring bikes and riding cross country.  Last fall he did just that.

New Year's Resolutions


The new Surly ECR is the perfect machine to help me formulate my aspirations for 2014. The DIY acronym, "ECR" has as many variations as the bike has capabilities. Its stable, sure-footed, and rugged; which inspires you to go further and take the path least traveled.

With a bike under my butt in 2014 I'm looking forward to being creative - to pick the route most interesting, even if it keeps me out after the street lights have turned on (and off again); to get faster and ride slower; to sleep under the stars once a week (once the spring comes); to stay organized; to keep hopeful; to reach for my toes once a day (keep those legs straight!); to write more, and better; to get the girl; to be patient; to discover new music; to stay healthy; to accept a help up when down; and to fight for our future. I don't think that this bike will give me all these things, but I suspect that the motivation inherent in the bicycle will create the situations necessary too fulfill any goal you can believe in.

Thank you to everyone that made 2013 so special. Now, Here's to an inspired 2014!

More ECR pictures here: Surly ECR Build

Borealis Fat Bikes


Borealis is an exciting addition to the fat bike world. The frame weighs in around 1270grams making it among the lightest in the game. Utilizing a 190mm spaced rear end and a 135mm thru-axle front the Yampa provides a super stiff and high-performing platform with the capability of 5" tires on 100mm rims. The big tires fit really well with the fat carbon tubes and the internally routed cables round out the clean aesthetic of this beautiful bike. 


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