45NRTH boots are here.

Winter's coming, or so they say.  45NRTH (our near-latitude buddies in Minnesota) have shipped us this years supply of cold weather footwear. 
We'll be carrying two of the three available models:
Japanther: This clipless compatible boot covers our shoulder seasons well in Vermont.  It's a warm, water resistant option that fits similar to skate skiing boots.  Rated from 25-45 degrees, you'll find that it's a more comfortable, easier alternative to the long standing tradition of neoprene booties over cycling shoes.  
Wolvhammer: The bigger brother of the Japanther takes the same weather fighting features and bumps them up a notch.  It's happy with both flat and clipless pedals, and the cinch laces keep your feet snug.  It covers the cooler end of the spectrum (0-25).
45NRTH does produce another boot, the Wolfgar, and it's a great boot that we're happy to order upon request.  Last year we found that the Wolvhammer was comfortable for many folks even below zero and the Wolfgar exceeded performance expectations (read: it was too hot) in all but the coldest conditions.  
The 45NRTH line has evolved over the past several years to what we believe is a great set of options for cool-to-cold weather riding.
See you on the trails!
by Brendan & Friends