Andrea's new bike day.


Andrea puts a lot of miles on her bike. She also happens to be an incredible human. Andrea is involved in countless initiatives making Burlington a better place, all while spreading smiles and positivity with her contagious laughter. As the Official Gardener of Old Spokes Home, she is responsible for transforming our little postage stamp lot into a Seussian world of beautiful plant life each spring.

All of these things make Andrea's New Bike Day especially special. And we haven't even gotten to how special the bike itself is.

Andrea doesn't own a car. She rides through all of Vermont's six seasons, and her old commuter received more than a few drivetrain replacements and new wheelsets because of general wear and tear. As much as we like Andrea, she needed a more durable vehicle.

Having worked on Andrea's bikes for years, Brendan and Tom had an intimate understanding of how and where Andrea rides and what upgrades would benefit her the most.

They picked the Soma Wolverine frameset because Andrea liked how she felt on her old bike, and this frameset had almost the exact same geometry while adding a split seat stay to accommodate a belt drive. They went with a Gates carbon belt drive so that Andrea wouldn't need to worry about replacing an entire drivetrain nearly as often. Unlike a traditional chain drive, the belt drive does not require lubrication and is clean to the touch. The Shimano Alfine 11-speed internally geared hub is worth its weight in gold for people who ride through the winter, as the gearing is safe from the grime, ice, and salt. Disc brakes mean that Andrea won't be wearing through her rims, and she’ll get consistent braking performance no matter the conditions. Replacement pads and rotors are to be expected given how much she rides, but they’re softer on the wallet than new wheels. Velo Orange Crazy Bars (for innumerable comfortable hand positions), white Planet Bike Cascadia fenders, and a white Kryptonite Mini-7 U lock complete the look.

This bike is perfectly suited for Andrea and where she rides. This bike mobilizes a member of our community who spends her days buzzing around Chittenden County making people smile and making it a better place to be. For us, this build is just about is as good as it gets.