Be ready for that first warm day.

You know that day.

That first warm day of spring.

When you leave your house and squint in the sunshine, turning your head towards the warmth like a flower bends towards the sun. When you walk down the street and see that guy in cargo shorts and Birkenstocks with a frisbee under his arm en route to the park. When a kid walks by eating and ice cream cone and you realize you're not wearing a hat and you're okay. When people seem to smile more and everyone is making eye contact and giving a knowing nod that says, "We made it."

Be ready for that day. Get your bike tuned-up now.

Estimate // Free

We're happy to advise you no matter your budget. Our friendly mechanics are happy to put your bike in a stand and give you a free assessment. Often a tune-up is not necessary and you simply need a few adjustments. We'll diagnose your bike's issues, talk about where you ride and where you dream of riding, and share our recommendations from "this needs to happen for your bike to be safe and functional," to "this is how to take your bike to the next level," and everything in between.

Basic Tune-up //  $60  $49 

Our basic full bike service. Covers key points of regular & preventative maintenance. Includes brake and shifting adjustments, wheel truing, bearing adjustments, light cleaning and lubrication.

Basic Tune-up +

Drivetrain Cleaning //  $90  $79

Our Basic Tune-up described above paired with a full drivetrain cleaning.

Deluxe Tune-up //  $135  $99

All of the above, plus a full housing and cable replacement (includes labor to rewrap road handlebars).


Through March 14th only. Don't wait.

We're open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

See you soon!