King Arthur Rides Again

Saturday Ride – 9-9-06 Local Knowledge

I took a ride yesterday that was only possible because of my knowledge of this area, because I have been riding around Chittenden County for many years. Without going into details, it involved taking back routes, rather than main roads, and one short bike path that really leads nowhere.

It was a cool cloudy morning and I felt strong. This may have been because I have been riding a lot, usually with something in my bike panniers. On Saturday, after I dropped off some books at the Brownell Library, all I carried with me was my water bottle. It might also have been because I was wearing bike shorts, which I usually don’t do. In any case it was a satisfying ride. No ecstasy you understand, but solid pleasure and satisfaction.

I stopped in Colchester to lie down, stretch and look at the sky. Behind me was a graveyard, and across the parking lot a bird was making a whole lot of noise. When I got up to investigate the bird shut up.

When I walk, I often recite poetry to myself. In fact, over the last 5 years I have been writing and memorizing a three part poem about the life and death of King Arthur. It is designed to be performed in front of an audience. As it happens, I created the very last couplet on Saturday’s bike ride. It goes like this, "So ends part three of our story, you’ve listened long and well, I hope we can get together again, when a story I have to tell."

Rather than reciting poems while I ride, I sometimes sing snatches of song. For some reason a song by Little Feet is one of my favorites. It is a quote from the Bible "As long as I’m in this world, I am the light of this world, as long as I’m in this world, I am the light of this world." The rhythm of the songs goes with the rhythm of pedaling the bike.

Aside from the fact that I finished this poem, it was not a memorable ride. Looking back at all the rides I took this summer they mostly to blend into each other. I only went to a few places I had never been to before, but that is OK, the world is always changing, there is always something new to see even in your own back yard.

Let us celebrate the ordinary!