Cycle Champlain 200k/300k

Saturday started early riding in to the shop at 4:00 a.m. with no cars on the road and with the only sounds being the crickets and my freehub body it was really peacful. 30+ riders started showing up around 4:30 a.m. for the sign in.

After some last minute mechanicals we were on the road by 5:10, rolling out as a group through Burlington to the bike path and out to the causeway.

A chartered bike ferry from Local Motion got the group across in 5 trips.

From this point on we were New York bound heading towards Rouse's Point. Make a wrong right turn here and you'll end up in Canada in about a mile.

After a much needed breakfast stop at Lakeside Coffee there were some long flat hot roads ahead and with the sun up,the tempurtures started pushing in to the nineties with no shade in sight.

At mile 80 the climbing started but the real steep climbs came between mile 92 and 99, heading up a 17% grade pushed everyone to the limit. But it was all downhill from there and another ferry ride back to Vermont was well deserved rest and recovery.

128.82 = 200k

You can check out more photos here.

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