Just another day in the shop.


Today I walked into the shop to 6 customers on the floor waiting for help, only two mechanics to be found, mice in the office, and WCAX on the phone wondering if they could come in and do a news piece on the shops in an hour.

Just another day at the shop.

Check out the great piece what WCAX put together on our unique partnership/merger with Bike Recycle Vermont.

A few minutes after the camera crew was gone, Glenn came into the office and whispered in my ear that he was about do something cool and suggested that I take a picture. So I took a video and captured this:

Then I stayed late and one of our best volunteers ever, Sean, came by to help me apply our new window signage. It was the warmest, sunniest day of the week and the windows reflected the warmth and sunlight right back at us. The decals went on oh-so-smoothly.


A little bit of work and a lot of bike repair and sales were in the mix, too. It was a good day.