E-bikes fit perfectly with our mission.

E-bikes are opening up doors for more people to experience biking as daily transportation and recreation. We couldn't be more excited to facilitate the process of selecting, building, and maintaining your perfect e-bike.


Our mechanics are Bosch eBike System certified and have installed, built, and maintained Urban Arrows, Bafang systems, Radwagons, and the bikes and systems below.

Our mechanics are staying abreast of innovations in e-bike technology in order to bring in new brands and models with a focus on quality, affordability, and functionality for our customers.

Interested in what we're bringing in? Looking for something specific? We'd love to talk to you. Email our buyer with all of your e-bike related questions.

Here's what we currently offer in the shop:

Surface604 Rook - $1799

Boost at a bargain! 

A well-supported, feature packed electric bike with plastic fenders, a chain cover, integrated LED Lights, and an adjustable suspension fork

With shorter reach and an adjustable-angle stem, this ebike feels pretty upright and relaxed, the gel saddle and basic ergonomic grips provide a lot of comfort, along with the fatter tires

The pedal assist feels smooth and natural because it uses a torque sensor, satisfying trigger throttle, hydraulic disc brakes with motor inhibitors.


Civia Parkway - $2599



The Parkway is the perfect E-bike for experiencing the city. It's elegance is in it's simplicity - we think it's the best looking E-bike out there. It comes in a step-over and a step-through model.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame with rear rack and fender mounts
  • Bosch pedal-assist motor with detachable Powerpack 400 frame-mounted battery
  • Bosch Active Line with 250watts power, up to 40NM torque and up to 250% max drive assist
  • Four levels of assist from Eco to Turbo, provides assistance up to 20mph with a range of 20-120 miles (average range of 65 miles when using varied assist in favorable conditions)
  • Bosch Purion compact computer neatly organizes controls on the handlebar
  • Shimano 9-speed drivetrain and Shimano cable disc brakes

Surly Big Easy - $5,000 


"The 18-wheeler of the cargo bike world, minus the diesel fumes".

More info here.


Urban Arrow - $5,500 - $5,950


Need a pick-up truck or minivan? Not anymore. Here's an electric cargo bike that will carry up to four kids (3 comfortably), groceries, and all kinds of things. 

Urban Arrow's unique front-loading design is safe, lightweight, low maintenance and comfortable. The cargo space in the front lowers the center of gravity, making for a stable and agible ride.

We have a couple models available: the Family (pictured) and the Shorty.

Want to take a test ride? Try one out at Local Motion's E-bike Library


Xtracycle Electric Edgerunners, powered by Bosch

 Take your kids to the top of the tallest hill or carry your climbing gear and a friend to your favorite bouldering spot. It’s easy! Turn it on, adjust the support level, and ride like the wind! Flatten hills, carry kids and cargo, and extend your own range. Bosch-powered Xtracycle Edgerunners will take you wherever you want to go.

The Bosch electric bike drive system is the European market leader. The Bosch-powered Xtracycle Edgerunner 10E will take you to new heights.

The 250-watt maintenance-free Bosch Performance Line electric direct-drive motor puts out 63Nm of torque and gives you 50% - 275% more power when you need it most. The mid-drive motor is incredibly efficient and powerful, so you’ll use much less energy under the same conditions than with any other type of motor. And the Bosch lithium ion battery gives you a range of 20-60 miles. It charges on and off your Xtracycle in 3 ½ hours and to 50% in 1 ½ hours.

We have an Electric Edgerunner available for demoing by appointment. Email us to set-up a time to take it for a spin.


E-bike Financing and Rebates


$200 Rebates

Both Burlington Electric and Green Mountain Power are offering $200 instant rebates when their customers purchase an e-bike. Sweet!


VSECU Loan Program

Both Burlington Electric and Green Mountain Power are offering $200 instant rebates when their customers purchase an e-bike. Sweet! Vermont State Employees Credit Union offers loans for alternative energy vehicles, and that means e-bikes.

To learn more and apply for an e-bike loan:

2.       Review terms for the Energy Improvement Loan
3.       Click on Apply Now at the bottom of the page
4.       Select “Energy Improvement Loan” in the “Product” drop down
5.       Select “Bicycle” in the “Purpose” drop down
6.       Complete the application
1.       Go into a branch or call the VSECU call center at 802.371.6162 and ask to speak with staff about a bicycle loan! They will be more than happy to help you out.


When you buy a new or used bicycle from Old Spokes Home, you get:

- the ongoing support of an experienced service staff that wants you to love biking
- complimentary adjustments for 30 days
- 10% off in-stock accessories for 30 days after any bike purchase. For starters, think about a lock, lights, and a helmet.
- to support Old Spokes Home’s mission: creating access to bikes and the opportunities they provide for our whole community


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