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Old Spokes Home's founder, Glenn Eames, spent two years bicycling around the world before he opened this shop in 2000, so our shop is infused with a passion for exploring by bicycle. Many of our staff have long term touring experience in Vermont, around the country, and internationally. We love setting people up with apocalypse-ready bikes that they can live off of on their adventures.

Salsa Vaya Series, $1,999 - 2,299

Vaya is Salsa’s road adventure and light touring bike, designed to handle any road surface, from pavement to gravel to dirt. The tubing selection and stable geometry across the line makes for a bike that feels great unloaded or loaded for a fast tour, soaking up unpredictable surfaces mile after mile, from one town to the next. Vaya is an extremely versatile machine, always ready and able if the path turns less than ideal. Full specifications.


Surly Disc Trucker (26” or 700C wheels), $1,550

From the casual commuter to the person who rides around the world more than once, the Disc Trucker is more than capable. It’s a tool designed from the ground up to take you and a bunch of stuff just about anywhere you’d like to go. It is a tool to help you get lost and find yourself. The Disc Trucker is a Long Haul Trucker specifically designed for the unique forces discs impose. It can run discs, racks, and fenders with no jury rigging. Most of the components on the bike are the same as the standard LHT, parts chosen for their balance of technical capability, durability, and value. The drivetrain uses the sort of wide gearing you will need for loaded and unloaded travel, cable operated disc brakes for their proven reliability and ease of service, and hubs that are durable and easy to maintain. Full specifications.

Surly Pack Rat, $1,475

Pack Rat is a short- to mid-distance road bike designed specifically around carrying front loads. What this means is you get all the nimble handling you desire while having all you stuff within arms reach. Rejoice! Dedicated commuters, credit card tourers, and sweaty back people looking to ditch their backpack need look no further. Full specifications.



Shop features:                   


                            56cm SURLY PACK RAT 650b - $1475.00

Also available:

Surly Long Haul Trucker

Surly Ogre

Salsa Marrakesh



When you buy a new or used bicycle from Old Spokes Home, you get:

- the ongoing support of an experienced service staff that wants you to love biking
- complimentary adjustments for 30 days
- 10% off in-stock accessories for 30 days after any bike purchase. For starters, think about a lock, lights, and a helmet.
- to support Old Spokes Home’s mission: creating access to bikes and the opportunities they provide for our whole community


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