The Official Bicycle Enthusiast Gift Guide

November 20, 2017

It's the season of giving!

Whether you're on the giving or receiving end this holiday, we have some ideas for what Bicycle Enthusiasts of all stripes might like to find under the Festivus pole

Many of these items are available in our online shop and can be shipped to the address of your choice expediently and with love. You can give the joy of bicycling without even putting your pants on. We live in crazy times.

And remember -- you can't go wrong with a gift card no matter who you're buying for.



For the beginner Bicycle Enthusiast:


A bell

Ring-a-ling-ing a group of friends as you ride by feels positively old-timely. And bells are as functional as they are pleasent. Whether passing another cyclist on the road or on the trail, alerting a pedestrian about to jump into the street, or getting the attention of a friend, a rider with a bell is typically a safer and more polite rider.

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A patch kit

Everyone needs a patch kit and this Rustine one is adorable. Pair it with this Green Guru Clincher Bag, a pair ot tire levels, and a portable frame pump, and you've set someone up to fix a flat wherever and whenever.

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Gift card to the shop

This is the ultimate gift for the newer Vermont-based bicycle lover. Perhaps they will wield this powerful gift responsibly and use it over time for much needed repairs and adjustments. Perhaps they'll get critical gear and accessories for their commute. Perhaps they'll blow it all on spoke-e-dokes. Either way, you're giving someone the ability to improve their bike or their set-up on their own terms, and that's the best.

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For the Bicycle Enthusiast who deserves a treat:


King cage

The classic I-wouldn't-buy-it-for-myself-because-it-feels-indulgent-but-I-really-want-a-couple situation. These bottle cages are simple, classy, and made by a dude in a garage in Colorado. They're one of those fine details that bicycle dorks love. Installing these is like giving your bicycle a gentle kiss.

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Brooks saddle

Like the King Cage, a leather Brooks saddle is one of those items that Bicycle Lovers adore but the frugal Bicycle Lovers resist because of the price tag. But these saddles are worth the money. Brooks saddles are known for their classiness and comfort -- the leather breaks in and conforms to the rider over time --and people who ride Brooks tend to never ride anything else.

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Shop jersey

Made in Vermont, emblazoned with our name, and classy as heck. Sometimes we make fun of Lycra-clad cyclists, but sometimes we are Lycra-clad cyclists because a good cycling jersey is the exact right apparel for the job. Super breathable, comfortable, and with three pockets on the back for your collection of Happy Meal toys.

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For the adventurous Bicycle Entusiast:


Ortlieb panniers & backpack attachment


Another engineering win for the Germans; Ortlieb panniers are bomb-proof. Once you buy a set, you're probably good on panniers for life. People ride around the world with these and then use them for commuting afterwards. And if you fancy yourself a minimalist, you can't go wrong with the backpack attachment that transforms one of your panniers into a waterproof backpack. The backpack attachment is great for a bike tour that might incorporate some city exploration or day hiking, as well as making grocery trips or running errands that involve being both on-and-off the bike.

Buy Ortlieb panniers now >>


45NRTH Cobrafist pogies

Pogies are worth their weight in gold for the person who wants to ride year-round in Vermont. Whether commuting across town or fat biking for hours in the woods, these give riders' hands the wind protection and extra warmth needed to maximize the joy of riding through a wintery wonderland.

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King Cage Mud Flask or Flask Cage


Two different ways to carry a flask on your bike, both made by the same guy in a garage in Colorado who makes the bottle cage above. If someone you know likes whiskey and bikes and appreciates good craftmanship, you can be pretty confident that they'll absoluely love this.

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There are so many more goodies in our online store and here in the shop. Come by and check 'em out!


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