Fall Fundo Fundraising Guide

Some of you have already hit your fundraising goal. High Five ✋! Every dollar helps us create greater

access to cycling for everyone in our community. Here are some helpful tips to keep the momentum going:



.............................................1) Customize your fundraising page


When you register, you’ll receive an email titled “Claim your fundraising page”. Follow the instructions

in the email to set up your page, then make it your own - use a personal profile picture and tell the world

in your own words why you’re riding and raising money for Old Spokes Home. 



......2) Ask your friends to join the ride


Invite people who you want to ride with - we love lots of Fundo riders. Share the Fundo Facebook event,

the Fundo 2018 photo album, and the Fundo 2018 blog.  If they join, great! If not, ask if they will support

your fundraising efforts.



........3) Make a list of potential donors


Start by jotting down everyone you know who loves you and/or bikes.. The longer this list is, the easier it

will be to reach your fundraising goal. Include people that you think will donate, those you think may not,

and even those you haven’t connected with in awhile. It is a chance to let them know how important it is to

make bikes accessible to everyone.  



.......................4) Send emails!


Send an email to your family and close friends first - maybe 10 people. Tell them why you’re riding, what

you’re fundraising for, and include a link to the Fundo donation page.  Make a specific ask, like “Will you

support me with a donation of $25?”.  If Aunt Betsy is super enthusiastic, ask her for a $50 contribution.


Once you get some donations, reach out to more contacts on your list. They'll see what a great job you're

doing and want to be a part. Go ahead and follow up if you don’t get a response - we all know how easy it

is for emails to get lost and tasks forgotten as we go about our busy lives. Sending a progress update email

is a great way to follow up.



.....................5) Use social media


Let everyone know about your upcoming adventure - tell your friends about the ride and why you're choosing

to fundraise for Old Spokes. You can share Old Spokes Home’s Fundo Facebook Event, the Fundo 2018 photo

album, and hashtag #FallFundo.  Post photos or videos of yourself training for the big ride. Tag the folks that

have donated and show them how hard you are working! And make sure to include a link to the Fundo

donation page, so people know where to go.



............................6) Thanks!


Personally thank everyone who has donated and let them know how much their contribution means. Then, thank

them publicly so they can set a trend.


Every year we hear from first-time fundraisers who are shocked by how much they are able to raise on behalf of

Old Spokes Home and from whom; the Fundo is our one big annual fundraiser event, so every gift means a TON

to us. 

Thanks so much, and Happy Fundraising!



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