Fall Fundo 2019 FAQ


Old Spokes Home Fall Fundo 2019



Saturday, October 12th, 2019



Hundo Fundo (100k) riders check in at 8:30 AM and depart at 9:00 AM

Fi’ty Fundo (50k) riders check in at 9:15 AM and depart at 10:00 AM

Urbundo Fundo (10mi) riders check in at 11:30 AM and depart at 12:00 PM. 

After party from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM



Old Spokes Home: 331 N Winooski Ave, Burlington, VT, 05401

Parking: Our parking lot will be cordoned off for the after party. Please find nearby street parking, or if you're local to Burlington, ride your bike to the shop!



Costs of registration varies by ride. In addition to the cost of registration, each rider raises at least $150.

Registration includes:

- Fully marked routes and Fall Fundo maps 

- Aid stations along the routes stocked with pie, pickles, drinks and snacks 

- Ticket for post-ride meal and libations 

- Bag 'o schwag 

- Full ride support from the Old Spokes Home crew: both on bikes and in support vehicles 

- Fun. Gravel. Bike paths. Dirt. Parks. Lake. Pie.

Register here!



The Fall Fundo consists of three route options, providing an opportunity for any and all to participate. Learn all about the routes on our registration page.




What are we fundraising for?


What we do.

We make bikes affordable so everyone can get to school and work without a motor vehicle.

We give kids bikes so they can grow up active on two wheels.

We teach youth to fix bikes at home and in their communities so they feel empowered.

We train new mechanics so opportunities to build critical job skills are available to those that want them.

In short – we create access to bikes and the opportunities they provide for our whole community.


Since when?

Glenn Eames opened Old Spokes Home in 2000. Dubbed "the most unusual bike shop in the world," Glenn sold new and used bikes for everyday transportation and adventure, offered full repair services, custom builds, wheel building all while making Old Spokes Home a cultural hub for bicycle lovers.

Ron Manganiello started Bike Recycle Vermont in his backyard in 2005. A friend working for the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program was looking for a bike for a Somali man who recently settled in Burlington and needed to get to work. Ron found a bike in a dumpster, fixed it up, and delivered it to the man. Soon, dozens of requests for bikes started pouring in and Ron recognized that bicycles have a tremendous positive effect on people's lives; bikes expanded people's mobility, healthfulness, and freedom.

In 2015, staff and volunteers at Bike Recycle Vermont raised funds for the purchase of Old Spokes Home. The goal was to establish new nonprofit organization that would manage both shops and merge their operations, staff, and resources. As a single organization, Old Spokes Home has grown its social programs and services, adding job training opportunities, youth programs, rides, trips and other services and events designed to get more people enjoying the benefits of bicycling.


What does it look like?

Every year, in addition to our other social programs, we provide 500 radically affordable bikes to income-eligible Vermonters through our Everybody Bikes program. 

Our Everybody Bikes program helps Vermonters who need to get to work but can't afford a car. Or who struggle with addiction and lost their license but need mobility for any hope of recovery. Or who need a way to get to classes at community college, having chosen to pay for an education instead of a motor vehicle. Or whose children have no other way to escape the confines of their small apartments and actively explore the world outside. Or who have recently emigrated and can’t get a license.

Basically, the folks at Old Spokes Home work hard to make sure that EVERYONE, regardless of income or ability, has a chance to get on a bike.




Frequently Asked Questions


Getting Ready to Ride


Q: What are the perks of riding the Fall Fundo? 

A: Each registered rider gets breakfast, snacks, a post-ride meal at the After Party, a bag of swag, and a fully marked and supported ride. The registration fee helps cover the costs of each rider, ensuring that all fundraising you do goes straight to our programs.


Q: Can I wear a costume? 

A: Why wouldn’t you?


Q: Am I ready for the ride? 

A: Some people wonder, "will I be able to do the ride?" The answer is usually, "yes", but you may need to do some training. Below are suggestions that can be helpful in determining which ride will be within your reach. Your supporters might even sponsor you with more money if they see that you're pushing yourself!

For the 10 mile ride

● Riders should be able to maintain an average speed of at least 5 mph for the whole ride, and stop for no longer than 45 minutes at the aid station and other places along the route. 


For the 36mi ride

● Riders should be able to maintain an average speed of at least 9 mph for the whole ride, and stop for no longer than 30 minutes at the aid station. 

● Riders should have completed at least one ride of 30 miles or more within the last month.


For the 100k (65mi) ride

● Riders should be able to maintain an average speed of at least 12 mph for the whole ride, and stop for no longer than 1 hour total among the 2 aid stations. 

● Riders should have completed at least one ride of 40 miles or more within the last month.


Q: Is my bike ready for the ride?

A: Making sure that your bike is up to snuff and ready for the ride is a key component to having an enjoyable, worry-free day. Though we will have skilled mechanics on-hand to do a last-minute safety check and along the ride to handle any minor problems that pop up (as well as support vehicles for major breakdowns), there is no substitute for preventative maintenance! Please note that the mechanics will not be able to handle any major repairs the day of the Fall Fundo (the shop will be closed!). To help make sure that all of our riders are safe, riders who show up with unsafe bicycles on the day off will be asked not to ride.

If you haven't had a tune up or had your bike looked over by a professional mechanic within the last year, we highly recommend taking it to Old Spokes Home or your local bike shop of choice.


Q: Can my headphone-wearing 8 year old do this ride solo without a helmet? 

A: We typically don’t like rules, but we want folks to be safe so here’s our short list:

● All riders must wear a helmet at all times while biking

● No riding with headphones

● Riders under age 15 must ride with a guardian

● Riders should obey all traffic laws: stop at red lights, yield to pedestrians, use hand signals and ride single file in traffic

● Ride predictably, no stunts

● Keep a bike's length between yourself and other riders; no drafting or pacelining


Rider Fundraising


Q: Can I collect checks and cash sponsorships? 

A: Definitely! All checks should be made out to "Old Spokes Home.” Collect the cash or checks and then drop them off at Old Spokes Home (make sure you write your name somewhere on the check or on a note so we know who raised the funds). Old Spokes Home staff will manually enter them onto your fundraising page. Note that we do not have a way to represent checks and cash on your personal fundraising thermometer until we have physically received them. It is best to drop them off early so you can be sure you’ve met your goal before the ride.


Q: Why should I hit the $150 goal?

A: Because the money you raise goes to a great cause - using bikes as tools for social change.

Fall Fundo day!


Q: What if it’s raining? 

A: We hope your feather boa is waterproof, because we’re still riding. This event is rain or shine. In the event of rain, the after party will be held inside our new shop.


Q: How will I know where I’m going on the ride? 

A: All of the Fall Fundo routes will be clearly marked with signage. Route markings will be reviewed by volunteers prior to ride departure.

Additionally, printed paper maps will be available to every rider the day of the ride. Routes will be available through Ride with GPS a couple weeks before the ride.


Q: Can my friends/family/partner come to the after party even if they didn’t ride? 

A: Of course! Tickets will be available for the meal and beverages for a suggested donation of $5-$15.


Q: What food should I expect?


Morning check-in and set up

● Coffee

● Pastries

● Cider Donuts

● Fruit

● Water


Rest stops along the ride

● Pies

● Pickles

● Savory snack

● Fruit

● Water


At the After Party

● Food catered by Skinny Pancake

● Zero Gravity Beer and Citizen Cider

● More pies

● More pickles

● Water


Riders and volunteers with gluten, nut and other food allergies may want to bring some extra fuel for the day that suits their specific dietary needs. The same goes for those with food preferences, though some solid vegan and vegetarian options will be available.


More questions? Contact us!


 (802) 863-4475



331 North Winooski Ave.
Burlington, Vermont 05401
(802) 863-4475

Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: Closed



Our retail shop and Community Workshop are now under the same roof! Come in anytime we're open.

Hours for volunteering, classes, and youth programs vary. Check out their respective pages to learn more.